Sunday, November 07, 2010

Why I Won't Bother to Write That Post About How I Always Leave the Voting Booth a Little Misty-eyed

... because Sherry Weddell said it all, and said it better than I would have, in this piece: 
Maybe it was the sheer dim, shabby, thread-bareness of it all.  Maybe it was the dusty church hall, the battered tables, or the elderly volunteers with their lists and stickers.  Or the cheap red paper signs reminding potential last minute campaigners (there were none) that they must stand 100 yards from the door to the polling place.
Go read the whole thing. It's short and perfect.

I told Atticus as we strolled home that evening that it happens every time: I am amazed, touched and incredulous that I can walk into an elementary school, stand in a rickety booth, darken a few oval spaces with a pencil, and it means something.

h/t: Mark Shea


Joseph Drake said...

Thanks. I read Sherry's post about the voting both. I have known her for several years, from Blessed Sacrament in Seattle. thanks for your kind comment on my blog

Karen Edmisten said...

Thanks to you, too, Joseph!