Friday, November 26, 2010

Poetry Friday: Thankful Anyway

Ramona and I were sick yesterday and thus didn't make it to the family gathering for Thanksgiving. Atticus ran to the store before he, Anne and Betsy took off for the day. He wanted to be sure we had something in the house that resembled feasting, and he came home with a rotisserie chicken, dressing, pumpkin pie, whipped cream, cheese and crackers, tea, and Ben & Jerry's New York Super Fudge Chunk.  Anne-with-an-e said, "I hope someday I find a husband like Dad!"

I found myself feeling both miserably bluzzy and deeply happy at the same time. 

Coughing Our Thanks

No turkey for me.
I was sick yesterday.
So was Ramona.
Life's funny that way.

We'd looked forward to aunts
and a few cousins, too,
the turkey, of course,
And the post-dinner glue

Of family chatting
and napping and plotting
for Black Friday shopping
with lists we'd be jotting.

But we missed it all
thanks to some nasty old
virus that hit us but
truth to be told?

Still I was thankful
for blankets and tea,
my little girl's presence,
my husband, since he

Made sure we were cared for
before he departed
Rotisserie chicken
and chocolate. He carted

Stuff home for the sick girls,
made sure we'd be fed
Since I sure wouldn't cook
("Head's exploding," I'd said.)

Then off went my husband,
my Betsy, my Anne,
leaving me with the youngest,
thankful I can

Say that I am well loved
though I don't deserve any
of the gifts that are mine
the blessings so many.

On the couch then we snuggled,
Ramona and I,
feeling thankful for pillows,
store-bought pumpkin pie,

each other, our family,
the God we can praise
through the coughing and headaches
on Thanksgiving days.


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Jennifer said...

I'm sorry you were sick but how wonderful to have such a loving husband.

Melissa Wiley said...

So sorry you were sick! But what a fantastic poem, a beautiful message, and a world-class husband. Hurrah for Atticus!

(How are you feeling today?)

tanita davis said...

Oh, wow. The words just roll out of you, sick or well, don't they?

I hope you feel better soon. I am eating peppers and garlic in a vain attempt to stave off germs...

(And suddenly craving pizza. Weird.)

Ruth said...

Nice! :-)

Sue said...

What a sweet, wonderful husband!! Get well soon!

Karen E. said...

Thanks, everyone!

We felt SO much better yesterday, and I'm sure we'll be totally bouncing back this weekend.

Tanita, keep fighting those germs. Maybe the pizza will have amazing healing powers.

Doreen said...

I hope Ramona and you feel better soon!
Blessings on Atticus!

Mary Lee said...

So sorry you were sick on the holiday, but so glad that you were so well taken care of and that you had the snuggling of your youngest! Like lemonade from lemons, you got a great poem out of it!

Marcie in Canada said...

I don't usually comment, but I just HAD to today Karen! You are wonderful in every way!

Karen E. said...

Marcie, please feel free to comment every, single day. :)

And thanks to you, too, Doreen and Mary Lee!