Friday, August 27, 2010

Poetry Friday: About Two Things I Love: Billy Collins and My Dog

Now that I have a dog I love so much, and now that it's Poetry Friday, and now that I've found this poem by Billy Collins (whom I also love so much -- do I toss that word "love" around too casually?) and since I think of my own dog, too, as a "paragon of detachment" (except when she isn't), I find this to be the perfect poem for today.


by Billy Collins

The way the dog trots out the front door
every morning
without a hat or an umbrella,
without any money
or the keys to her dog house
never fails to fill the saucer of my heart
with milky admiration.

Who provides a finer example
of a life without encumbrance—
Thoreau in his curtainless hut
with a single plate, a single spoon?

(Read the rest here, at The Writer's Almanac.) 

The round up is at Book Aunt.


Beth said...

Priceless! I love them too...the poem, Billy Collins, and dogs.

Melanie Bettinelli said...

Sigh. I love Billy Collins. I think the first of his poems I ever encountered was about a wet dog.

jama said...

Love this one. Wish I had known about it for National Dog Day on Thursday. :)

BJ Lee said...

great poem! Hadn't seen that before. And I think Billy Collins is a kind of god, so good of his dog to recognize it. :)

Ben Curran said...

You do NOT toss the word "love" around too carelessly. If you love Billy Collins, you are speaking my language. If anything, that word isn't strong enough to describe our feelings for Mr. Collins. I hadn't heard this particular poem before, though, thanks for sharing.

Karen Edmisten said...

"If anything, that word isn't strong enough to describe our feelings for Mr. Collins."

So true!

Truly, Madly, Deeply love him!