Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bits and Pieces of Our Day: The Mockingjay Edition

Two copies in our house.
I'm done reading.
What did I think?
What did you think?
No discussion here in this post.
In the comments only!

Priest coming for dinner tonight.
Must go cook something.

Note to self: Shouldn't discourage daughter from doing her Spanish assignment just so that I can read uninterrupted.


linda68701 said...

You finished already? What did you think?

Karen E. said...

Linda, you haven't read the series yet, right? You definitely won't want to read the spoilers ....

That said, I did love the book. So many things to think about and mull over.

4ddintx said...

I'm waiting for my copy to get here. I preordered, but not early enough. I CAN'T wait! I'm looking forward to your discussion--after I finish, of course!

Karen E. said...

I think when I start discussing I'll start a new post with a warning that spoilers will abound!