Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Lindsay in NJ, winner of the Rosary book ...

... please be sure to email me your address!


Lindsay said...

Is there another Lindsay who won a rosary book? Because I got mine (and really like it!).

Karen E. said...

Hi, Other Lindsay! :)

Yes, there's a Lindsay in NJ (I just added that to the post title) who won last week. So glad you like the book!

Lindsay (in NJ) said...

Hi Karen,

I just e-mailed you again. I e-mailed last week, so now I'm worried my messages aren't getting through. Please let me know if you haven't gotten either message.

Thanks so much. Looking forward to the book!

Karen E. said...

Lindsay, I'm not receiving your emails. Are you sending them to:



Give it another try. I checked my spam, and it's not there, either. Thanks!

Lindsay (in NJ) said...

Hi Karen,

I just tried again. Thanks for your patience!