Friday, April 30, 2010

Poetry Friday

I like this poem quite a bit, for a few reasons, but especially for the coffee shop food and furnished rooms it conjures. I've lived in furnished rooms and while they generally did not make me the least bit happy at the time, the way Edward Field so perfectly captures a certain kind of life does make me happy. Oh, how I love words and what we can do with them.

People Who Eat in Coffee Shops
 by Edward Field

 People who eat in coffee shops
are not worried about nutrition.
They order the toasted cheese sandwiches blithely,
followed by chocolate egg creams and plaster of paris
wedges of lemon meringue pie.
They don't have parental, dental, or medical figures hovering

(read the rest here.)

The round up today is at Great Kid Books.


Mary Lee said...

This poem amuses me. I try hard not to eat anything when I'm at the coffee shop, so I actually DO bring parental, dental and medical figures figuratively hovering over my shoulder with my own capital G Guilt counting the calories in the blended coffee drink alone, never mind the cinnamon roll that would go so perfectly with it...

Karen Edmisten said...

Mary Lee, it amuses me, too, but it really makes me think more of an old Woolworth's kind of coffee shop rather than the contemporary blended coffee drink sort, you know?

But, i'll take that blended coffee drink, thank you very much. :)

Laura said...

This certainly depicts an era as well as that time in life when you are young and healthy. And old age or disease has not even occurred to you!

Good poem!

Laura Evans
all things poetry