Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I think I know what I'll have to give up next year for Lent

In February, I saw this post about Chewy Granola Bars at Faith & Family Live.  The original recipe came from Smitten Kitchen but I took Arwen's shortcut (subbing wheat flour for oat flour) and upon tasting the final product knew immediately that I could not make these bars again during Lent.

Too. Good.



  1. Martha Stewart has a dangerously good granola bar recipe too. I used to make it years ago, but I will eat the entire batch.

  2. I made these after I read Arwen's post, and I completely agree with you! Now, my kids are making them and trying all sorts of variations. Currently, white chocolate chip and dried cherries are their fave (mine too!).

  3. Yes. I made these the day they were posted on Smitten Kitchen. I started making quadruple batches at a time before eating so many I had to take a break. No lie. FWIW, our far-and-away favorite combo is to use both almonds and walnuts, the optional nut butter - hazelnut (though peanut butter is decent too), with dried cranberries and unsulphured dried apricots, and sunflower seeds. It is absolute perfection.