Friday, March 19, 2010

What a Difference a Day Makes

Yesterday, Ramona said:

"Hey! Except for the snow that's still in the yard, it looks just like summer!"

Then, the temps reached 60-something, and only tiny little bits of snow could still be seen in the far reaches of the yard.  We reveled in the warmth and sunshine.

Today, I expect to hear from Ramona that except for the calendar -- which clearly indicates it is mid-March -- it looks just like winter out there.  The ground is covered with snow and it's still coming down.

Happy Spring in Nebraska! 


Liz said...

Please don't send it to us in Vermont (so often your weather ends up here a couple of days later!). The sunshine here is the only thing making this "zebra flu" as Jim has dubbed it somewhat bearable.

Bridget S. said...

Same here!
And today's the first day of spring! ;(
Oh, well, I guess God knows what's best for us!
I hope you will come out to Omaha this year for the "D" family Shakespeare play! It would be great, and an added bonus, "L" and Martha are leads!

Karen E. said...

Well, Liz, we had another gorgeous day here, so maybe you'll get only our good stuff. :)

Bridget, I certainly hope to make it to the play! We're looking forward to it!