Saturday, January 02, 2010

The Year and the Decade

Anne-with-an-e asked me to name the biggest things -- for me -- of the past year and the past decade. The wow-factor highlights are pretty easy to recall:

The Decade:

In 2000, Atticus was received into the Catholic Church. Five years earlier, I had predicted (o, me of little faith) that that'd never happen.

In 2002, Ramona was born. After so many miscarriages, none of us saw that coming either.

The Past Year:

My first book was published.

Anne suggested I mention that Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince came out in theaters. I said that I thought I would, instead, mention my book.

"Oh," she said. "Well. I guess that was a highlight, too."

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Just Mom said...


I haven't seen "Half-Blood Prince" yet, but I have read your book. It has been an invaluable resource for me as a fairly new Catholic (I'll be celebrating my fifth anniversary as a Catholic this Easter).

I'm looking forward to reading more from you -- and yes, I'm looking forward to being able to sit down and watch that Harry Potter movie.

Liz said...

My goodness have we really "known" each other for more than a decade now! I remember the pre-Catholic days for Atticus and the pre-Ramona pregnancies as well. Glad that the last decade has been a happier one.

Karen E. said...

Thanks, Just Mom! Enjoy that movie. :)

And, yes, Liz, I think it was 1997? Yikes. :)

Lacy @ Catholic Icing said...

haha! I love it! And congrats on the book :-)

Jo Shabo said...

I have an award for you on my blog! :)

Warren said...

Congrats on both wonderful things that happened in the '00s. I came-home-to-Rome, in 2002.

I can't wait to read your Rosary book.


Gardenia said...

three very big things to happen in a decade's time. wow! and you should be proud, becuase you had a lot of do with all three of them!

Karen E. said...

Thanks, everyone!

Convenor said...

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