Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Today's Spiritual Wisdom Brought to You by Ramona

Last night at Mass, I whispered to Ramona that the reading from Genesis was exactly the one we'd talked about earlier in the day.

She had mentioned that statues of Mary often depict Our Lady "standing on a snake." So, we talked about where we could find that in the Bible, and what it meant.

In summarizing, I said, "So, you see, Mary carried in her womb the One who would conquer the devil and save us."

"So," said Ramona, "that's almost as good as being the One who did it. In a way, she kind of did it, too."

Yes, sweetie, she did.

Mary said yes to God's plan.

Pray for us, today, Blessed Mother, that we'll always say yes.


Jamie said...

Beautiful Simplicity from the mouths of babes. :)

Fr. Scott said...

So, you were talking during Holy Mass?

Karen E. said...

Yes, Jamie, isn't that so true?

Father, I do some of my best teaching during Holy Mass. :)

Fr. Scott said...

I don't doubt it at all!

By the way, does home school have snow days? Rather, do the students become exponentially more and more anxious the day before until, near the end of the day, they are almost effervescent with excitement? I was in the grade school yesterday and felt so sorry for the kindergarten teachers. When the snow falls, the little ones become like cans of pop that have been shaken up! On the flip side, perhaps a day like today is a good day for reading Frost or Dickens!

God Bless!

Karen E. said...

I think the level of excitement is in direct proportion to the sense of imprisonment, so while mine may not get as fizzy as building-schooled kids, they still anticipate -- with barely veiled giddiness -- a release from math.

Except Ramona, who has lately been having unprodded revelations about relationships between numbers, and told me the other day, "Maybe I should be a mathematics professor when I grow up." THAT is something I never thought I'd hear from one of my kids. :)

And there will definitely be some read-alouds happening today!

Karen E. said...

Which is to say, yes, we have snow days. :)

My Chocolate Heart said...

Love it! Pure, simple wisdom. I bet Mary smiled when she heard that.