Saturday, December 26, 2009

Get my drift?

Anne-with-an-e suggested that post title.

Because, of course, we've got drifts everywhere, thanks to the 18 inches of snow we've gotten:



And it hasn't stopped snowing yet. We'll see what today brings, but they're saying the snow should move on by tomorrow.  Plenty of shoveling and snowman-building in our future, methinks.


We made it to Christmas Eve Mass.  The girls were praying all day that we'd be able to go and although the snow started here on Wednesday (I think -- at this point, it's all one huge, white blur to me) there was quite a lull on Thursday afternoon. So, we got to Mass without any real trouble, although by the time we headed home, it was snowing and blowing again. A lot.  We said a prayer of thanksgiving when we pulled into the driveway, and said quite a few more throughout the evening when we nearly lost power a number of times.  But, the power stayed on, we enjoyed our dinner of hor d'oeuvres (though I later got sick ... urgh ... must be a virus, because everyone else was fine, so no food poisoning) and Santa Claus came through. He left a lot of books this year -- always a good thing. He ate all of Atticus's fudge.  And he put Baby Jesus in the nativity set manger, as he always does.  Ramona checked to make sure of that. 

Good job, Santa.


Grandma and Grandpa sent Ramona her dream doll -- an American Girl Rebecca doll. I don't think Rebecca left Ramona's arms yesterday, except for a brief art session that resulted in this portrait:

and to have her clothes changed about seventeen times.  At one point, as Ramona was showing me the versatility of Rebecca's shawl, I said, "Wow, you're pretty good at this accessorizing stuff," and she replied, "All it takes is a little imagination and the perfect doll."


Happy Feast of St. Stephen!


Lenetta @ Nettacow said...

It has quit snowing over here in the middle of Nebraska, but I'm guessing it'll be a while before the county plows get to our tiny town. Our Christmas Mass was cancelled (as was Immaculate Conception Mass) and we almost didn't make it in the 4WD pickup to Christmas dinner a mile away. At least we finished picking corn on Tuesday... Here's hoping for a mild rest of the winter!!

Swift said...

No snow for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. We're keeping our fingers crossed and saying prayers that Abby, Jim, and the baby make it safely to and from his moms on the other side of the state (which entails traversing a mountain twice)because sleet has been predicted and the temperatures are hovering around 31 degrees. However, it will be a quiet day here. No snow predicted for this weekend here in Vermont, and we have very, very little on the ground at the moment.

Rebecca said...

I love the photo of her catching snowflakes on her tongue. And I have personally been admiring Rebecca Rubin since she first arrived in our catalog. :)What a pretty doll! Hope you had a beautiful Christmas, Karen.

Roxane B. Salonen said...

Wow, Karen, looks like our yard, only we've gotten 22 so far, so I guess we've one-upped ya! I'm glad we did the Christmas Eve early Mass, because it would have been tough getting to later ones. We stayed holed up all of Christmas Day, and only ventured out a bit day to practice music for a funeral Mass and get a few more groceries. Glad to hear you had such a blessed Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Well, Rebbecca is the perfect doll. her hair isn't so perfect any more. i mean, it still is beautiful, but it is not-so-curly-anymore.