Friday, November 06, 2009

They just don't have the same ring

I was working on a piece of writing in which I refer to Mary as "Our Lady." I hit the "proofread" option in Pages and it kindly offered the following possible alternatives:

Our Woman
Our Person
Our Individual


Somehow, Our Individual of Guadalupe just doesn't do it for me.


margaret said...

I had a program like that years ago. If you typed 'husband' it wanted 'partner' or if you typed 'girl' it wanted 'young woman' and so on. I remembered my mother saying Cardinal Newman was about the finest writer in the English language so I gave it a couple of paras from the Idea of a University and I wish to this day that I had kept what it produced. It was unrecognisable. I suspect a lot of people must actually go with the suggestions of those programs though - it would certainly explain so much of the heavy bland prose going around.

Danae said...

Too funny!!