Friday, November 27, 2009

Poetry Friday: November, by John Updike

Today, I am thankful for a multitude of blessings, including our books. Children's books, picture books, books of poetry, books of all kinds ... And I'm thankful for this poem from one of our books: A Child's Calendar, by John Updike.

 by John Updike

The stripped and shapely
  Maple grieves
The ghosts of her
  Departed leaves.

The ground is hard,
  As hard as stone.
The year is old,
   The birds are flown.

And yet the world,
Displays a certain

Read the rest of the poem here.

The Poetry Friday roundup is at Becky's Book Reviews.


Monica Gabraith said...

I'm Monica Galbraith(You know my Mom Bridget Galbraith from the 4real boards or something like that), I have a blog, and I visit Anne-with an-E and Skye's(In your sidebar you call her Betsy Ray?)blogs, what happened to them? Their not posting anymore. I miss them?

~Monica Galbraith

Monica Galbraith said...

Sorry at the end when I said I missed them, I didn't mean to put a question mark there :-)


Mary Lee said...

I hope my soul has the beauty of the bone so that Tall God will nod at me!

Karen E. said...

Me, too, Mary Lee!

Monica, I will pass your message on to the girls. The blogs have kind of fallen by the wayside, but I think the girls are going to start blogging more again. Check Skye's blog. :)