Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ramona employs Food Network-Speak

While dining on graham crackers with peanut butter and honey, Ramona observed:

"I love the way the tastes of the peanut butter and the honey linger together for awhile ...."

And, by the way, I've ruined her for the store brand hot chocolate mix. "It just doesn't taste right," she said the other day. It's Alton's recipe or nothing for this girl.


Jennifer said...

Do you add the cayenne pepper as well?

Lissa said...

Ha! I clicked through to ask the very same question! Do tell. :)

Karen E. said...

We haven't added the cayenne yet, but yesterday they agreed to try it that way, and so that'll be our next batch!

My Chocolate Heart said...

Ramona sounds like a smart girl.
Alton's recipe looks yummy, but no cayenne pepper. I'm a wuss.

Amber said...

Ooh, that looks great! It never occurred to me that you could make hot cocoa mix at home, even though I've long been unhappy with the ingredient lists on most hot cocoa containers. I'll definitely have to try it.