Friday, October 09, 2009

Poetry Friday: Poetry for Teens

No, not poetry that's written especially for teens.

And not poetry that's about teens.

Poetry resources for teens. Because we all need solid resources in order to dive into something new, and isn't it lovely when someone collects those resources and puts them all in one place? tells us, in this introduction to their "Poetry Resources for Teens" page, that:

The Academy of American Poets developed the teen homepage in response to a recent survey they conducted, which showed that over 75% of the people who use share one characteristic: that they first developed an interest in poetry before their eighteenth birthday. has given us a treasure chest to crack open with our teenagers.

"Poetry 101" covers basics with a surprising and satisfying amount of depth: ideas about how to read a poem, lists of recommendations and influential books, various forms and techniques. There are pages for "Poems Teens Like" and "Writing Help."

Poetry on the page (like poetry in the world) ranges from light and funny, to serious, introspective and disturbing. Classic and contemporary both make an appearance. It's a rich mix.

Better start sifting through the jewels in that chest -- so many gems to hold up to the light, to turn and examine, to assess.

We could spend an entire school year on these pages, digging into the details of these poems, poets and forms. And we might.

Because, really, isn't that what poetry is?

Digging in to the details of life. 

Today's Poetry Friday round up is at Anastasia Suen's Picture Book of the Day.

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Tabatha said... is terrific! And yes, "digging in" sums up poetry nicely :-)