Monday, October 26, 2009

Bits and Pieces of Our Days

Last week we visited the local pumpkin patch. It was bittersweet for me. When we first discovered this place, it made for a very sweet family outing. Yes, other people knew about it, but the place wasn't overly commericalized. Visiting meant leisurely strolls, participating in a few simple activities, and buying our pumpkins for jack-o-lanterns. It was pastoral. Over the years, the place has grown up and become more commercially savvy and as "attractions" have increased, my enjoyment has decreased. It doesn't feel quite like the same place for Ramona as it was for Anne and Betsy. We still had a fun day, but overall, the experience made me want to escape to the woods we visited last summer:


My friend, J., who would deny the label "Super Mom" but who will be thus labeled by me anyway, has started a new 4-H group for us.

Yes, yes, I know. Last summer, I was prepared to bribe my children to keep them away from the (as another friend calls it) cult of 4-H. But this year will be different.

You may now imagine that my eyes are glazed over, in perfect Stepford Wife Style, and that I'm chanting, "This year will be different ... this year will be different ... this year will be different ...."

But, it will. Really. Uh-huh.

Because we're focusing on food, and I can do food. I'm no Next Food Network Star, but I have faith that my deep and lasting interest in food will carry me through this cult year. Hey, I even have a food label on this blog, proving that I know how to eat. Plenty, mister.

And some things, I actually do pretty well (which continues to surprise me to this day) and sometimes my passion in the kitchen even results in poetry.  Not that I'll be serving an addictive substance to the 4-H group, but I'll definitely have a few cups before we meet. And that always helps.


I was sick yesterday. Down-for-the-count-couldn't-go-to-Mass-stayed-in-pajamas-didn't-go-to-the-free-dinner-at-church sick. But, I feel amazingly better today.

And the Yankees won. So, Atticus is a very happy man.


Jennifer said...

Our pumpkin patch is like that too. When M. was one it was just a huge field of pumpkins and it was lovely. Now the place is covered with bounce houses. Yuck.
You have me so interested in 4-H....

Margaret in Minnesota said...

I, for one, was not rooting for the Yankees. I find them to be a bit...greedy when it comes to winning.

Still, I will not begrudge Atticus his pleasure over their success, especially after that AWESOME skunk poem of his.

PS. We're going to get our pumpkins today. My kids are thinking, "It's about time!"

Kris said...

Boo hoo from a disgruntled Red Sox fan ;o)

Glad you're feeling better. Often a full day of rest prevents several days of feeling poorly!

Karen said...

Glad you're feeling better. Pumpkin patches here are likewise becoming very over-the-top with other attractions. The hayride to the pumpkin patch is fine, petting farm animals is cute, but the other hoopla is too much. We're all about English league soccer and NHL hockey in our house so I have nothing witty to say about baseball!