Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Ramona Coins a New Word

Me:  Hey, Ramona -- you played a lot in your room earlier today.  Are we going to be able to find your bed when it's bedtime?

Ramona:  Ummmm ... maybe not. I can guarantee you my room is not in tip-top shape.

Me: Well, let's take a look.

After surveying the bountiful clothing coverage -- both dress-up and the real stuff -- in her room, Ramona observed:

Ramona:  All it really needs is some hamperage.


Patty said...

Hamperage! I love it! A few months ago our youngest son was sitting next to me in church. I had the psalm book because I was cantoring the psalm, and he looked at the angels on the cover and asked, "Why do they look so bewildergotten?"

Karen E. said...

Oh, Patty -- Bewildergotten!! I love that word!

Barb, sfo said...