Friday, July 24, 2009

Home from Camping, or, the Marriage of Heaven and Hell

We've been busy roughing it.

Well, errr, uh ... it wasn't terribly rough.

The cabin had air conditioning (though we barely needed it -- gorgeous weather) and a terrific screened-in back porch. There was a kitchenette. A queen-size bed and bunk beds for the girls. Hot showers. Plenty of coffee.

Actually, it was heavenly.

Concurrently, it was a reminder that we live in a fallen world:

A Blakeian camping trip, if you will, thanks to ticks and chiggers (or chicks and tiggers, as we took to calling them.)

Now we're home.

And so begins the laundry.

(Tick photo from


Anonymous said...

That sounds like my kind of camping (except for the bugs). Can I ask where you went?



Anonymous said...

I too want to know where you went. I am from NE also and we are always looking for new places to visit.

Theresa said...

Looks like a lovely spot! Too bad about the chicks and tiggers, though. Bummer.

Margaret Mary Myers said...

When visiting my sister in southwestern Washington (where I don't think they have ticks and chiggers; I never heard of them growing up), I refused to go into a field because - since I was living in the country in Kentucky at the time - I told her, "There might be chicks and tiggers." Of course, I meant to say ticks and chiggers - and it became a family joke. So refreshing to find someone else with the same expression. :) But sorry you had to deal with them. No fun.