Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ramona Wilts

After buckets of cool, rainy days, we finally had a hot one yesterday. I haven't turned on the air conditioning though, as Atticus hates the stuff.

But, he had baked bread for dinner, and the kitchen was stuffy. So, after dinner, Ramona was a bit cranky (we call the quick onset of such behavior the e-crabola virus) and complained that the house was "roasting!" I suggested we go outside and take a walk.

"It's cooler outside -- you'll feel better," I encouraged.

On the front porch, as I was sweeping her hair up into a ponytail, I said, "See? Isn't it much nicer out here?"

"Yes," she said, with relief. "And I'm much nicer out here."


Theresa said...

e-crabola!LOL! I think we've had that run through here a few times!

Anonymous said...

My father's family grew up with no AC, so many of us do not even have Air Conditioning in our houses!

And Nebraska does get hot!

Beck said...

My house is in the shade of a giant rock and so it's always like an underground cavern in here. Dim and cool. You guys should come visit and cool off!