Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Say Hello to the Minnesota Baby!

You know her.

You love her.

Now you love her newest baby. Could this little guy be more gorgeous?

You know, Minnesota Margaret and I share something in common (besides the passion for coffee. And being short.)

We've both experienced the heartache of multiple miscarriages.

We've both been through periods of thinking that God's plan for us included closing the door on, "More children ... please, Lord?"

But now, we get to share something else in common. Something deliciously, miraculously wonderful.

A new baby at 42 (and I'm allowed to tell you her age because she already did that here, so stop thinking that I'm being brassy or tactless.)

I had a new baby at age 42 as well. And so, I'm thinking ... Ramona's newest friend should probably be called Howie Kemp.

Whaddaya think, Margaret?

I can't wait to get these kids together to play Brick Factory.


Mary Poppins NOT said...

I just had a new baby at 42. Loving every minute of it.

Margaret in Minnesota said...

I asked Anthony what he thought about taking "Howie" as a blog pseudonym and he grunted.

And fussed.

And cried.

And kept me up until 4:15.

I could be mistaken, but I don't think he approves. ;)

Margaret in Minnesota said...

PS. And a big congratulations to Mary Poppins NOT!

Karen E. said...

Yes, congrats, Mary Poppins NOT!

And, Margaret, I don't blame Anthony for grumbling at "Howie." It's not the catchiest name.

Henry Huggins, maybe? :)