Thursday, April 16, 2009

Writing with the Kids

I've been meaning to start a little blog for the kids' writing, a place where I can post things they're working on or have completed, or just things they'd like to share with others.

I have the beginnings of it here, at Writing with the Kids.

The first three posts are from Anne-with-an-e's "December Fan Fiction Challenge." She asked each of us to write a Harry Potter fan fiction based either on O. Henry's The Gift of the Magi, or on one of the HP characters recalling a Christmas memory. I must admit that I was busy in December and I kept putting it off, but when I finally sat down one evening to write a story, as a gift to Anne, it was such silly fun. So, be kind ... as fiction goes, mine's awful, but as a gift to my daughter, it was priceless. We read the stories to each other for the first time over Christmas Eve dinner.

I hope to update it soon with a little more from each of the girls, including Ramona.

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sarah said...

What a great idea! And fabulous writing too :-)