Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter Again!

And again and again, through the Octave of Easter! It's an eight-day mega-celebration, and a 50 day party when all's said and done.

Yes, we're back to real life today, but we're still celebrating. There's still plenty of chocolate and cake, the Easter decorations went up on Sunday (don't you always wonder if the neighbors think you're out of sync? Just as they're pulling the decorations down, yours are going up), and, we can say Alleluia again!

Sometimes the kids and I just sigh and wish that the whole world lived on the liturgical calendar. Wouldn't it be lovely if everyone saw this as the beginning of an enormous party?

My goal is always to hang on to the awe of the empty tomb.

We had a wonderful weekend -- I spent part of it previewing books for the kids and will be back with reviews as soon as I can. I also want to get back to running through my history with the Easter Vigil.

Saturday night was lovely, as always, and the Easter Bunny was good to my children.

Ramona remarked that he must shop at Target. Smart bunny.

Painting: Bouguereau, The Three Marys at the Tomb


Meredith said...

I love that picture of the three Mary's, awe is right!! Happiest Easter wishes to you and your sweet family for the 8 days and beyond :) Love,

Rae said...

Wonderful! The priest reminded us today that we have 50 days to celebrate Easter, but I often feel as though I am the only one who believes that. It is so good that you are teaching your children to celebrate the season fully.