Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Meaningful Lent, Part 9: How's it goin', eh?

We've been trudging through the desert for three weeks, but who's counting?

At more than halfway to Easter, it's a good time for some assesment.

Am I aching for the things I gave up?
Good. That means I'm too attached, and I'm forcing myself to turn to God for strength, comfort and immediate gratification, rather than to created goods.

Am I barely feeling my sacrifices? Hmmm. Maybe I should add something new to the mix. One year I gave up complaining, which is always guaranteed to offer renewed humility and gratitude.

Some places to visit to gather strength for the rest of the journey:

Pope Benedict's Message for Lent this year
Just in case you haven't read it yet

These Forty Days
A lovely and inspiring blog, put together by Nissa Gadbois.
Loads of links here

Lent: Call to Conversion

Our Sunday Visitor
Guide to Lent

Faith and Family Live's Lenten page

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Jennifer said...

Isn't Pope Benedict's Lenten message amazing? Our priest read it a few weeks ago for the congregation.