Thursday, February 12, 2009

Why I Love Our Vet

Because she has encouraged Anne for almost four years now.

Because, a couple of years ago, she told Anne that when she was fifteen, she could start to do some shadowing.

Because now that Anne is fifteen, she is going to start some shadowing. (Watching surgery is not my idea of a good time, but apparently it's Anne's, because she couldn't be happier.)

Because I love a vet that I can laugh and cry with, and who hugs me before I leave. (I won't tell you everything we talked about, but I can tell you that the next customer in the clinic might have been wondering why it took half an hour for my cat to get two shots.)

That is why I love our vet.

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elizabeth said...


I'll be putting you on my reader! I followed through your comment at Minnesota Mom's (Margaret) blog. I really needed to hear what you wrote about her past/the child/teen/young adult she was - as I struggle with myself from the same time period. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.
God Bless!
elizabeth (Eii)