Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A Groundhog Day Shrinklit

I'm a day late, but I'm rerunning my Groundhog Day
Shrinklit (rerunning is quite appropriate for the movie, though, eh?)

Remember ShrinkLits? They were funny, succinct little retellings of classic works.

I wrote this one a couple of years ago, in honor of a movie that is its own kind of classic.

Karen's Groundhog Day Shrinklit

Phil: at first, a selfish jerk
Focused on his fun and work
Women were a toy or game
Till every day became the same.

Quite suddenly, no rules apply
Steal some money, tell a lie
Nihilism's worth a spin
until despair comes crashing in

Suicide just didn't take
Surely something is at stake
Could it be that it is worth
Striving for a true rebirth?

Self improvement: worth a try?
Though all past ways it does defy?
Selflessness for its own sake?
Letting go of all that's fake?

Helping, saving, giving, tears
Authentic feelings, first in years
Letting go of all that's old
Lets in truth, releases cold

Something genuine and kind
Allows this man his best to find
Is this conversion? God at work?
Or one colossal cosmic quirk?

1 comment:

sarah said...

Very clever!

I like that movie; I might have loved it if it wasn't for that actress.