Saturday, January 03, 2009

Sharing the wealth of news

from the Inbox:
Italian priest and web designer, Fr. Paolo Padrini, has developed the iBreviary, which has been approved by the Vatican. Cool, huh? (Proceeds go to charity.) See details here and here. (Fr. Joe, are you listening? This is you all over.)


Maureen Wittmann is techno-savvy, too. She's offering web seminars at Homeschool Connections. If you missed her presentation on "Organizing Your Classroom" you can still find it, and the next session, on January 7th, features Danielle Bean (though it looks like that one's already full! Be on the lookout for more to come.)

Maureen is also looking for your ideas for future topics, so visit her soon.


Atticus and I help, in a tiny way, to sponsor a great missionary couple, from FOCUS, Joshua and Elisabeth Gideon. Joshua recently shared a copy of Curtis Martin's new book, Made for More. Find out more here, at the website.

Some quotes from students (students can get a free copy of the book, and can ask questions through the website):

“Made for More has helped provide a foundation for my faith that I never had in my upbringing. It's helped solidify my knowl­edge as to who Jesus is and has cleared any misconceptions that I've had of the foundation of the faith."

~Wendy, SDSU Senior

"Made For More is exactly what a college student who is strug­gling with their faith needs. It leaves readers with no other choice but to understand Jesus Christ as Savior. It truly shows students that they were not made for any ordinary life but made as children of God to live in His extraordinary love.”

~ Ben, Bradley University Senior



Maureen said...

Karen, thanks so much for the post on the online seminars! Danielle is all filled up but I think people can get on a waiting list should anyone have a schedule conflict and have to drop their registration.

Also, last night I scheduled my next three online seminars. (I think the proper term is webinars -- if I was really as techno savvy as you think I would know that ;-))

I also hear through the grapevine that Elizabeth Foss, Laura Berquist, and Fr. Mitch Pacwa are all working on scheduling webinars in 2009.

I had so much fun doing the first one and it's available for free download if anyone wants to get a feel for what it's like. Though it's way more fun attending the webinar live in person.

There is a fee for the future webinars -- $10. From looking around the Internet that's a pretty good price compared to what other online seminars are charging.

Plus the nice thing about Homeschool Connections, who's organizing all this, is that they keep the attendance down to 30 people so it's a more intimate setting and you can really interact with the speaker.

Maureen said...

PS If you do watch the free Organizing Your Classroom 101 (click on Recorded Sessions) watch for the part where my daughter comes in and says something to me.

She's saying, "Mom! The toilet is backing up!"

The life of a homeschool mom!