Friday, December 05, 2008

Poetry Friday: Ramona and the Tooth Fairy

Ramona just lost
her very first tooth
In the midst of a whine
the thing just broke looth.

She looked up at me.
So shocking! Amazed!
And onto this treasure
she focused her gaze.

I asked her big sister
what the tooth fairy pays.
Is that going rate still
a dollar these days?

As I write this, she's sleeping
still one dollar poorer
But on her awaking
She'll find that she's surer

Of magical visits
And sprites bearing money,
of holes in the mouth
that will make you talk funny.

It's wondrous, you know
how the simplest stuff
can feel iridescent.
Can feel like enough.

The Poetry Friday round up this week is at Mommy's Favorite Children's Books.


Cay G. said...

As the parent of a toothless 6 yr old, tell Ramona that we welcome her into the club. :)

The poem is priceless. Annie smiled her gap at me as I read it. Priceless!

Colleen said...

What a wonderful little poem! So playful and fun. Well done, Karen!

Cloudscome said...

Yes it is wonderful! I really like this poem bringing back the magic of that age.

Janet said...

Love this poem... so whimsical. Thanks.

patience said...

Lol, adorable poem. Especially loved the last two lines.

Congratulations to Ramona!

Atticus said...

Life's wondrous indeed,
and I feel that you've written
A verse from the heart.
I feel I'm smitten.

Kelly Fineman said...

Really wonderful - love the lithp in the poem. You rock.

Jennifer said...

This is perfect Karen!

jama said...

LOVE this, Karen. Bravo!!

Diane said...

This is awesome, Karen, so sweet and creative!

O happy day for Ramona,
O bittersweet one for her mama.