Friday, December 12, 2008

Helping Another in Need

Margot Davidson, of Hillside Education, has begun a new "help corner" designed to raise funds to help those in need. Margot writes:

Please consider purchasing an item from this page, perhaps as a Christmas gift, and help this family in need. Items will be added daily, so keep checking back. You may also simply make a donation. If you'd like to donate something to the sale, we'd welcome your contributions. Please contact us at

Read more here at Hillside.

Margot says of this month's featured family:
We are now accepting donations and contributing money from sales these pages for the Stephens family. Mandy is a homeschooling mother whose husband has been diagnosed with a neurological disease that has been rapidly deteriorating. Mandy says that he has embraced his faith in an inspiring way -- as never before -- as he struggles with the disease. He is in incredible pain. You can well imagine the strain that dealing with this has put on their family this last year, but things are at a critical point now. The donations from our website will go to cover mortgage payment, car, and insurance. If you are unable to donate at this time of the year, please include the family in your prayers.
Please pray for this family, and prayerfully consider buying a gift or making a donation to help them out.

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