Monday, November 03, 2008

Catch up

Belated Happy All Saints and All Souls!


The New Catholic Homeschool Resources and News always has something I haven't seen elsewhere. This month, it mentions Pius Media -- Cathflix, if you will?


Curious George
. These books have always struck me as, er, curious. They can be summed up this way: George was bad. Wildly bad. He ruined everyone's lives. He destroyed a great deal of personal property. But he made someone laugh. He's a hero! Huzzahs to George! The end. Yes, I know he's a wild animal. Still.


Ramona is learning sign language because she and Betsy are playing "Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan." They enjoy the smackdowns far too much.


I attend (and occasionally host when a deer has been messing with my transportation) a Moms' Group. We're discussing Kimberly Hahn's Graced and Gifted: Biblical Wisdom for the Homemaker's Heart. The discussion questions are great; I'm really enjoying them. The other moms think that when we cover the section on food we should swap recipes. Uh-oh.


Ramona loves the autumn Brambly Hedge bunch. I do, too.


Good night.


Dan and Janet Brungardt said...

My kids love Curious George. He's not intentionally bad, just very curious and a bit mischievous, and he always tries to make up for it in the end. Hmm, sounds like my kids, maybe that's why they like him so much!


Margaret in Minnesota said...

Thanks to your review, I reserved a copy The Autumn Story at our library and just now finished reading it to the girls.

"Was that not a wonderful story?" I exclaimed when we had finished.

Angela frowned at me. "I thought it was good."

I then had to explain the confusing syntax of my exclamation. ;)

Thank you thank you thank you for the recommendation!