Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Sun Slower, Sun Faster

We all really enjoyed this book!

First published in 1955, Sun Slower, Sun Faster is a fun book about time travel, but it's also packed with the living history that we love.

Alicia, at Love2Learn, wrote a great, comprehensive review of it a few years ago, so I'll just send you there for further details on plot and characters. As Alicia noted, details of the Catholic faith and even of the Mass are beautifully explained and interwoven with the suspense and history, as the young protagonists learn what the Catholic Church is all about.

And so, Sun Slower, Sun Faster is not just an adventure of time travel and fascinating events of the past -- it's the adventure of conversion.

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Maureen said...

I read this book years ago in an airport. Actually, several airports and several airplanes. I was trying to get to California for a conference. By the time I made all my connections both ways, I was done with the book.

But you don't really care to hear about my flight escapades. It's just that I always think of that trip when I think of that book.

Anyway, I didn't expect to like it. I'm not particularly fond of time travel books. But it's from Bethlehem Books and I love Bethlehem Books.

Turned out I love the book too. I guess that's why we have to step out of our comfort zone now and then and try something we'd rather not. Like peas. Well, not like peas. I'll never like peas. More like broccoli. I used to hate it and now I love it.

I learned a lot from Sun Slower, Sun Faster and enjoyed it too. So did my kids. Thanks for reminding me about it!