Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Ramona: Daddy, you're all whisker-y!

Atticus: I am? Are you whisker-y, too?

Ramona: Daddy! No! I'm a woman!


Anne-with-an-e: Betsy, I just have to ask you this. Don't you think the word "snippet" sounds like a disease?

Betsy: No. I think it sounds like a candy bar.



Jennifer said...

1. I love Ramona - she's so sassy.
2. The idea of candy bar as disease has been making me laugh all morning. "Dr. I think I'm coming down with Reese's Pieces." What would be the symptoms of incurable Kit-Kat?

Karen E. said...

Jennifer --
I've had a bad case of M & Ms all my life. :-)