Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fun with Linkage

Things I've stumbled on recently:

I love sites like Parent Hacks. Who could not find it lovable to stumble on a site that is excited about the variety of uses for denture tabs? Or, that shares this post heading: Fun toilet cleaning? Use baking soda and vinegar!

Yup. Any site that will will combine the words "fun" with "toilet cleaning" and make the whole thing exclamation-point-worthy is my kind of site. This is my realm.


The Word Detective

I get tingly just at the name of this one. (Don't mock me. After "fun with toilet cleaning" I would think that playing around with language could be considered an admirable hobby.)

We found this site when I was looking for the answer to my kids' question: "If what we call 'cookies' are 'biscuits' in England, then what do they call biscuits?"

We eventually went straight to our source on all-things-England, The Bookworm. She explained that biscuits are basically scones. Then we asked what they call scones, since when we think of scones, we imagine (and consume) something much sweeter than a biscuit. She replied that perhaps we're just eating "scones gone wrong" and that across the pond they have sweet or savory biscuits, but nothing exactly like this.


And now, unbelievably, I am out of blogging time for this morning. (That linkage always takes longer than you think it will.)

I will leave you with my favorite recent Google searches that somehow brought people to my blog:

"Existential Crisis Mother" (Yes. Sadly. That's me.)

"Objective of Chocolate" (Huh-what? You don't know that? Chocolate is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. I know that Ben Franklin actually said that about beer, but it applies to the objective of chocolate as well.)


Amy said...

"Scones gone wrong." I love that! :) Just dropping by with a hug and prayers. :)

Juli said...

My daughter just saw a doormat in a catalog that said that pugs are proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!

Lindsay said...

When we've gotten "Cream Tea" in England, we've had scones almost exactly like your recipe link, but with sultanas (golden raisins) instead of cranberries. Then you top them with raspberry jam and Devonshire cream -- Yum! I wonder if "savoury scones" are more like American "biscuits"

Melanie B said...

Thanks to you and the bookworm for clearing up that trans-Atlantic linguistic conundrum.

Beck said...

Making scones is fun and easy, too.
I'm just a plain ol' crisis mother - I keep lighting the stove on fire. Whoops!

sarah said...

As an American in England I would say the mums/children I know would call a biscuit a cookie. Sadly, they don't have what we refer to as biscuits here, not even at KFC!