Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tell me it hasn't been four days since I posted

Where is my life going?

I mean, besides to horseback riding and the library and three kids at the dentist and having friends over to play and having homeschooling moms over to discuss school year plans and eating M&Ms, and putting together a little talk to give at church, and working on some writing projects and planning dinner for our new priest, and celebrating Ramona's baptismal birthday, and telling Atticus I need a really big glass of wine. I mean, other than that, where is it going?

Not here, apparently.

I am, however (thanks to the little talk given at church) reminded of the fact that I once thought that Existentialism was the way to go, and I'm reminded of a couple of amusing posts about Ramona and existential crises.

So, until I come up with less to do around my home and more to do here on the blog, enjoy this and this. And this:

"Did you take this class in Existentialism by choice?"

~~ an actual dean of an actual university actually asked me this question.