Friday, August 08, 2008

Speaking of Mike Aquilina ....

(and if you actually click through my links, you'll know that I was speaking of his son in the last post ....)

He (father, not son) has a new book coming out!

Go here for a first review, and here's the link for another review from Happy Catholic.

And, here's the description of the book at Amazon.

And, as long as I'm on the subject of Mike Aquilina, I must add that our only sadness on Summer Trip '08 was the inability to meet with him and his family. We'd hoped to connect with them on our drive east, but on the appointed day, Mike and his family were (no surprise here) helping out a friend who'd suddenly needed a medical procedure. They were watching kids and couldn't get away that day, and on our drive home, the timing simply didn't work for us to head back their way. Next time, as I think Atticus is already scheduling another Gettysburg visit, and the girls are already gearing up for more war memorials. Next time, however, we won't stay at the "No, that would be too much service" hotel. More to come on that as soon as I have time ....

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