Friday, August 29, 2008

Poetry Friday: a great article from Chicken Spaghetti

Susan Thomsen, at Chicken Spaghetti, has a delightful article up at the Poetry Foundation entitled, Home Appreciation. It's all about how homeschoolers introduce and share poetry with our kids.

I had the privilege of talking to Susan awhile back and sharing a little bit about how we approach poetry at our house. In the article, she included the story I told her of Betsy who, at age four, walked around the house reciting, "Because I could not stop for deff, he kindwee stopped for me ...."

Read the whole article here -- it's full of great ideas from Jenny at Little Acorns Treehouse, Becky at Farm School, Adrienne Furness at What Adrienne Thinks About That (yes, the Adrienne who is a homeschooling mother's dream librarian) and Julie Bogart at Brave Writer.

The Poetry Friday round-up is hosted today by Charlotte's Library.


Beck said...

My kids have a heads-up on poetry appreciation - we come from several generations of poets!

Anonymous said...

My sieve-like mind completely forgot about the article until Susan emailed yesterday. What a lovely surprise, and a great way to start up our studies!

And such great company -- too bad we can't all get together over peach pie and have a natter!

Sara said...

What a terrific article. My mother-in-law used to write family specific poems for large gatherings, chronicling the events. Poetry SHOULD be part of everyday life.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link and the kind words! There's nothing like that to make me want to go out and do a little more for the homeschoolers in our community. :) I always tell my colleagues that homeschoolers will be some of their most appreciative patrons.