Saturday, August 02, 2008

The accounting

2,935 miles.
150 gallons of gas.
7 hotels.
6 maps.
2 laptops.
5 McDonald's stops.
4 pizza orders.
29 bottles of water.
33 friends, old and new.
19 postcards.
14 tollbooths.
1 evening of getting lost.
1 encounter with the Holiday Inn swimming pool gestapo.
1 delightful new beer for Atticus (Yuengling, not available in Nebraska, alas)
0 incidents of carsickness.

17,280 minutes of family togetherness.

5 bags of laundry to be done.

Pictures to follow.


Jennifer said...

That's so funny! All of my male cousins in PA drink Yuengling. I'm so glad your home and safe.

Kimberlee said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful trip! It was a pleasure to meet you and your lovely family!

Journey of Truth said...

That's my neighbour's husband's favourite brew. It is pretty good, tho' I prefer Guinness myself (only once in a while - I have to homeschool and do other domestics).

Your trip sounds exactly as it should: adventurous!

Anonymous said...

The trip was fun. But I wish I could have just appeared in PA without all the driving! :-)

- Betsy

Alice Gunther said...

I'm still not caught up on vacation laundry, and we've been home a week.

So glad to be one of the lucky 33!

Diane said...

Alice stole my comment. Why is she always one step ahead of me? (actually it's more like 1000 miles ahead of me, but at least I know I'm on the right path :)

I too am so grateful to have been one of the blessed 33. Meeting you and your sweet family was one of the highlights of my trip. I've got to start planning a visit to NE...I'll bring Yuengling...and bananas, of course.

So glad you are home, safe and sound.

momto5minnies said...

WOW, that is a long trip. How neat that you could summarize those little details.

MaryM said...

Sounds wonderful!