Friday, July 11, 2008

Bea or Betty?

Saturday Morning Update: You were all very kind to me. Thank you! My stylist (her name is me)thanks you, too. I now plan to stop thinking about my hair, because I hate to think about hair and clothes. And don't get me started on skin care, because I'll just say, "You know that baby soap that's 99 cents a bottle?"

The haircut.

You decide. Be nice. And feel free to offer a third choice. Not Estelle Getty.

I'm thinking of cutting it all off.

Or, of getting a feather boa.

(Cast your vote quickly, as the post may come down soon ... I don't like having my face first up on the blog ....)


  1. I think it looks very pretty. Seriously, i don't think it's at all old fashioned looking :-)

  2. I like it. Not "old lady hair". I've seen "old lady hair" and that ma'am is not "old lady hair"!

  3. It's more Tracy Nelson-ish. Looks good.

  4. Old lady? I don't see anything old lady about that. You look terrific!

  5. I think it's cute. I think it would look a little younger if you pushed the bangs off to the side a bit.

  6. I think you look beautiful!!!

  7. Actually, all you need to do is give yourself thicker bangs (thinned out bangs tell people it's a 'mom cut'). And have it less poofy up top.

    I had a friend who kind of poofed her hair up top and had thin bangs. She got a new cut (she had very long hair tho) and her bangs were thicker, hair parted on the side, and all poofiness was gone. I swear she looked ten years younger. It was amazing.

    You have beautiful eyes and thicker bangs will draw attention to them and not your forehead. The rest of the cut, the layers and length are terrific.

  8. I like it. I think it suits you. It doesn't look old ladyish to me at all. I personally am all for a heavy fringe on anyone, but that is just me. You are a very elegant looking lady and this haircut is elegant too. But more importantly, how does it make YOU feel?

  9. I think you look beautiful. But the Golden Girls is one of my all time favorite shows, so I may be biased. :)
    Really now, not at all Bea Arthur - very fresh and pretty.

  10. Oh, Karen, your haircut is so cute!!

    I don't see Bea or Betty at all. I think it's very becoming and youthful, actually -- nothing at all what I imagined when you called up those golden girl images!

    Whenever I get a new style, I totally lose confidence in my ability to judge how I look. I rush home and put on fresh makeup, fuss with the bangs and hope for the best. After a day or two I'm in a better position to decide whether or not I really like it, or if I was just freaked out by the change.

    I know I've seen your picture before, but I don't remember what your hair was like. I can say that in this picture I really think you look approachable and friendly, not at all matronly. I have to say I really don't agree with those who tell you to change the bangs -- I think bangs are really personal, anyway.

    I'm with Jennifer -- "fresh and pretty" sums it up just right.

  11. I think the new cut looks beautiful! Very pretty. Not at all poofy / oversprayed enough to be on Bea or Betty....but that sure made me laugh.

  12. Looks like a "Karen" style ... not old lady like at all. I used to have the thin, wispy bangs up front, but I have forced them to go off to the side by using a round brush while blow drying ... that way they don't look separate from the rest of my hair. I am sure you can play around with your own hair and the cut that was given.

    A new "DO" always puts a little pep in my step. You look GREAT!