Monday, June 16, 2008

Busy, busy, busy and the next Food Network Star

I've been so busy with life, and writing and celebrating Betsy turning twelve (twelve?! No, it can't be!) that I've had no time to blog.

It's another busy week, and I have a big writing deadline looming in the not-too-distant future, so my check-ins may be spotty.

But, if you watched the Next Food Network Star, were you surprised to see who got sent home? I can't say anymore, because my sister may be reading this, and she hasn't watched it yet. Watch tonight, sis, so we can talk!


Melissa Wiley said...

Not terribly surprised--that person was going to go sooner or later, given the lackluster food and bland TV personality. Seems like a very nice person, though.

But there were two people I'd have thought would go home before that person (speaking very vaguely here so as not to spoil it for your sister), based on last night's show. Mashed potato pizza? "Low carbs--except for the potatoes. And the crust." LOL LOL!!! And that peanut spice was a joke.

Karen E. said...

I totally agree with everything you said here. I predicted last night's cut, even though my girls were sorry to see that person go, because that person seemed like such a very nice person. :-)

Melissa Wiley said...

Oh, and didn't you just cringe for poor Kelsey when she realized she'd be serving Sloppy Joes to that particular special guest? Ouch!

Karen E. said...

Yes! Poor thing. You know that if she knew that particular guest was going to be there she would NOT have chosen sloppy joe sauce. :-) Then that particular guest just had to come right out and say she wouldn't watch a show with Kelsey in it for very long ... jab, jab .... Poor girl.

Patience said...

Happy birthday to Betsey! Twelve is a wonderful age :-)