Monday, April 14, 2008

More linkage

I just sent an email to a friend in which I mentioned always feeling hopelessly behind on links, etc., in the blogging world. I am. Always. Hopelessly. Behind.

But, anyway.

In March, I received an email about the Cukierski Family website. They are struggling to stay afloat, and need some help. This family apostolate sells a huge range of Catholic sacramentals, so if you're in need of anything, you might consider visiting their site.

And, here's an article on sacramentals that I wrote for The Catholic Answer awhile back. It was reprinted at and explains the Church's teaching on sacramentals.


KC said...

You need to do what Melissa Wiley does! She uses that website (delicious--can't remember where the periods go) to automatically upload links to her blog.

Karen E. said...

KC, You're right -- I do need to figure that out! :-)