Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Alice's B16 ideas

Move along, people, move along ... the ideas are all over at Cottage Blessings!

Visit this post for ideas on celebrating the Pope's visit. I was especially happy to find Alice's link to the Pflaum page -- always good ideas there. Thanks, Alice!

And, one more note:
This is the page I found and ended up using today for information about the Pope's crest -- packed full of interesting info.


Alice Gunther said...

You are too kind, Karen! Thank you!

Margaret in Minnesota said...

I saw Alice's wonderful post but somehow the Pflaum link slipped by me. Fortunately someone emailed me the PDF documents this morning and I tracked down their website. I had never heard of them!

Well, God is good. He takes care of the enlightened and the clueless alike. :)

Jennifer F. said...

Thanks for these links!