Thursday, March 20, 2008

She may not be Grail savvy, but she's funny

In follow-up to yesterday's Grail Code post, I just have to add this:

Anne-with-an-e may not have seen any of the Indiana Jones movies, but she knows Harrison Ford is in them. She was just asking me about the next movie, and was wondering who Shia LaBeouf will play. We Googled it and found out he's Indy's sidekick, so then she asked who will play Indiana Jones.

"Harrison Ford, I assume," I said.

"Oh, for Heaven's sake! He's 65! What is it? 'Indiana Jones and the Chiropractor of Death'?"


Love2Learn Mom said...


Jennifer said...

Oh Anne! That's my very first crush you are talking about - I refuse to believe he is aging at all. Does that make me old too? Sigh.

Amy said...

LOL! I love the kid quotes you share, Karen.

Beck said...