Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ramona, living on the Far Side

Ramona: Here he is! Rex, the Reusable Chicken!

Me: What?

Ramona: Oh, nothing. I just like to make up my own Far Side captions.


Beck said...

I can just picture that Far Side strip in my head, too...

Margaret in Minnesota said...

Why does it not surprise me in the least that Ramona likes The Far Side? :)

Eileen said...

Oh, how funny!

Last year, the first cartoon on our Far Side Day-at-a-Time calendar showed a group of dinosaurs smoking. The caption: "The real reason dinosaurs went extinct."

This struck my then 7yo daughter so funny that it inspired a several months long investigation into dinosaurs and what "really" happened to them, culminating in a delightful scrapbook of her writing, drawings and photos of a (hilarious) costumed play she and her little brother put on!

Far Side is obviously a necessary component of the well-supplied home school library. (But you won't catch me listing it on my IHIPs!!) :)