Friday, March 14, 2008

Poetry Friday

Jama Rattigan's Alphabet Soup is celebrating Bob Dylan today. Visit Jama and the whole Poetry Friday round-up here.

I couldn't resist trying to string together a bunch of Dylan song titles to see if I could turn them into a poem. I failed, but it was fun.

It Ain't Me, Bob

Just like a woman
the times they are a-changin'
and like a rolling stone
the answer's blowin'
in the wind.
A hard rain's gonna fall
but don't think twice,
it's alright.
It's not dark yet.
Mr. Tambourine Man
is knockin' on heaven's door
He's got the Highway 51 Blues
All he really wants to do
is have
one more cup of coffee
and shelter from the storm.


christine M said...

Very cute and original Karen!

Anonymous said...

LOVE Bob Dylan. So do the kids. How fun, Karen!

Andromeda Jazmon said...

Great titles there. It's not surprising that they go so well together in your poem. Nice job! So I guess we'll all be digging out the old Dylan albums this weekend, hey?

tanita✿davis said...

This is surprising -- mainly because I had no idea he *wrote* all those songs himself... I'm so out of it! But this is really cool!

jama said...

Karen, I'm in love with you! You even worked coffee into the poem :)! And I'm swooning at the thought of Bob droppin' in for a cup . . . Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't say you failed! Thanks for the smile.

Anonymous said...

Hi. This is lots of fun!

-- Barb (boreal_owl of Live Journal), visiting from Poetry Friday.

Anonymous said...

I like this, Karen. Dylan's voice shines through...there's such a consistency there. This works really well, I think.