Saturday, March 01, 2008

One of Maureen's virtues is her generosity

Visit Maureen Wittmann here to see what I mean.

Maureen writes:

I'd like to talk about teaching virtues through literature. And I would like your input.

Here are the seven virtues:

Humility (modesty)
Kindness (admiration)
Forgiveness (composure)
Diligence (zeal/integrity/labor)
Charity (giving)
Temperance (self-restraint)
Chastity (purity)

What books would you recommend to go with one or more of these virtues? Let's get a list going for everyone in the family -- preschool, grade school, middle school, high school, and adult.

I'll take all of your suggestions and pull them together into one great list. I'll post it here and at the website for free download.

One suggestion from me? Visit Maureen's blog to see virtue in action.


Heidi Hess Saxton said...

I know a great little book on the virtues that was just published by Simon Peter Press on the seven deadly sins and celestial virtues of motherhood. The title escapes me now ... what was it?

Oh, yes! "Raising Up Mommy: Virtues for Difficult Mothering Moments." I'd be happy to send you or Maureen a copy if you like.

Or you can order it here:


Margaret Mary Myers said...

Applause and cheers, Karen! Very well said!

Margaret Mary