Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Guest Blogger: Anne-with-an-e

Anne-with-an-e discovered Madeleine L'Engle last year, and has been hooked.

Yesterday, she wrote up this brief review of A Ring of Endless Light, so she's stepping in to blog today.


"A Ring of Endless Light" is one of my favorite books!

I've read it five times since I first found it at the library last summer, and since then, I have also read A Wrinkle in Time, The Moon by Night, and An Acceptable Time.

What I really like about it is the characters. They are so interesting!

The movie, on the other hand, was nowhere near as good as the book. (Characters they left out: John, Leo, Grace, Binnie, Nancy Rodney, Jeb Nuttley, and probably somebody else, too...) And after I read the book, I was rather upset with the Disney Channel.

Although this is a wonderful novel, I would not recommend it to anyone under the age of thirteen because of some mature content.

Lastly, I want to include my frequent rant ( more of a whine, really) about that Zachary Gray person: I never understood why Ms. L'Engle kept putting him in her books. He never changes, and he's just as much of a jerk in "An Acceptable Time" as he was in this book. I don't know what Vicky sees in him. He kept saying that he "needed her" but she can't be his psychologist.

Earth to Vicky, Earth to Vicky! Not a good reason to go out with him!


Thanks, Anne! You can blog for me anytime.


Meredith said...

Wonderful Anne!! My dd Violet also loved this one! I agree with your mom, you should guest blog more often :)

Liz said...

Caveat Emptor, You might want to pre-read A House Like A Lotus before Anne does. You may decide (as I did) to put it on the list of "not until you are much, much older" books. There's some graphic sexuality in it. It is the book that comes after A Ring of Endless Light and before An Acceptable Time so it would be natural for Anne to want to read it since she's read both of those.

Liz said...

A Ring of Endless Light, btw is such a favorite with Abby and me that we had to replace our original copy which was literally falling into tatters. Anne might enjoy the next book in the Vicky series Troubling A Star.

Meredith said...

Well, Anne, I stand corrected, she has NOT read this one, but the first three "Wrinkle" books. She also read Meet the Austins which she really enjoyed. I will make note of the mention for the books in Liz's comment, yikes, thanks for the heads up, and I still love your review!

Danae said...

Good review! I have read a Wrinkle in Time more times than I can count, but have never read any of the other books, so you inspired me to get to the library to see what I am missing!

Jennifer said...

Hi Anne! Great review! I appreciate the age tip. I haven't read this one. I also recommend Many Waters which could lead to some interesting conversations on Biblical history.

Melissa Wiley said...

Excellent review, Anne with an E (from another Anne with an E--it's my middle name, you know)!

You are a true kindred spirit. Ring is my favorite L'Engle book, one of my favorite books of all time, and had a tremendous impact on me. The Thomas Browne or is it Brown poem painted on the wall of the stable struck me deeply as a teenager and has stayed with me all my life.

Melanie B said...

Great review, Anne.

I completely agree about Zachary Gray. I don't mind characters who are flawed; but he never seems to grow or learn from his mistakes, does he?

I also found it annoying that Vicki is taken in by his neediness. It seems like she's caught in the trap many girls and women fall into of seeking male friends who need to be "fixed," who constantly take and take and take and never give, rather than those who are able to be in a relationship with a mutual give and take where both individuals support each other.

Red Cardigan said...

What a delightful book review!

I need to reread "A Wrinkle in Time" to see if it's okay for my 12-year-old, but I've been too lazy to do it. What does Anne recommend? I'm specifically trying to remember if there's any language in it.

Thanks! :)

Momto5Minnies said...

This is great. We are big fans of Madeleine L'Engle.
My oldest has her own little book review blog ... most of it done last summer. She utilized our MAC and made some verbal and written reviews using her pen name ... a combined author name. I should go with that idea for my 10 year old ... it may "encourage" the reading ;)

Kerry said...

I was so happy to see your review. I'm 38 years old, and this book will always be remembered as my favorite. Thanks for reminding me of something so special.