Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Catholic Blog Awards

I'm thinking one of my friends has been busy plotting, typing and clicking, because I'm nominated for the following in the Catholic Blog Awards:

Best Individual Catholic blog (Oh, kind-friend-who-nominated me ... you're stretching the limits of reality here.)

Best Written Catholic blog
(I'm honored but, uh ... um ... hmmm ... I suddenly feel completely unable to articulate my thoughts.)

Funniest Catholic blog
(I can't think of a single funny thing to say. I'm dead serious.)

Most Informative and Insightful Catholic blog
(Whew! Good thing I did that linkful post awhile ago and informed you of a bunch of good and insightful stuff.)

There are so many terrific blogs out there (both among and beyond the nominees) which is really the point of these things: getting to know new bloggers and sharing the wealth of funny, informative, insightful stuff that is available in cyberspace.

And, to the elves who slipped into the workshop and threw my name into the mix:

Thank you.


Alice Gunther said...

Each nomination well deserved!!!!

Jennifer said...

I agree with Alice. I remember the first time I clicked over here and read some of your articles in the sidebar. I was immediately struck by your insight. We all click around a lot on the internet and connect with some sites more than others. I connected with you right away. Congratulations Karen!