Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Did you ever know that I'm her hero?

Ramona was playing on this website, where you can "make your own hero."

She said, "Look! I made a homeschooling mom! It's you!"

Cue the "Awwwws." I know I did.


Patience said...

Diligently posting my awwwww.

I'm sure every mother's heart trembles with joy at praise from her child.

Theresa said...

And you cut a striking figure, too!

Jennifer said...

She's such a treasure, isn't she?

MaryM said...

You are a hero! - sure beats being the "elderly neighbor" doesn't it?

Liz said...

Just wait for the day when she says, "I want to grow up and be my mom." The awws really get you when you see yourself through their eyes on a good day. Then there are those other days... But I'll bet you are her hero every day.