Monday, January 14, 2008

Recent Reading: The Shadow of the Bear

I ordered this book, by Regina Doman, for my girls for Christmas.

Then, I gave myself the gift of reading it.

I loved it.

It is thoughtful, intelligent and compelling.

And can I just say how delightful it is to hand your daughters a novel in which the characters speak of Chesterton, poetry, chastity and their faith, and yet remain real, flawed and lovable?

How delightful it is.

The recommended age for this book is 14-and-up, and I concur. Betsy is only 11 -- I did allow her to read it after my preview, but she skipped certain parts that I thought were too mature or disturbing (late in the book, one of the heroines is in grave danger and the method by which she is nearly killed would have been too strong an image for Betsy.)

Betsy's summary? She said, "I couldn't put it down! Mom, when are you going to order the next one?"

I guess I know what our next book purchase will be. (Anne just picked it up ... I'll get back to you on her reaction.)

[UPDATE: Anne: Read it! Loved it! Wants the next book!]

And, speaking of Regina Doman, Ramona has lately fallen for the only other experience we had previously had with this author. Angel in the Waters is a magical book, one we've had around for awhile, but Ramona recently fell in love with it. She's been asking for it again and again.

(She's also been asking for a new baby sister. Are you listening God?)

I'm off to order a sequel (book, not sibling -- ah, if only it were that easy, eh?)


Liz said...

Abby and I love Regina Doman's books even if they don't class as great literature. We find the stories so compelling that we can't put them down. You may want to hold off on having your girls read Waking Rose until they're older. Even Dark as Night may be a little mature for Betsy.

I'm with Ramona, a little sister would be a great gift for all of you, of course a little brother would be nice as well. I know that the likelihood of either probably lies in the realm of the miraculous, or at least unlikely, but hey, there's always the examples of Elizabeth, Sarah, and Hannah to call upon.

Jennifer said...

IF ONLY! Free Super Saver Shipping on one baby - boy or girl would be fine. Confirm order.

Kristen Laurence said...

Ooohh, one more intention to pray for! :)

Anonymous said...

I just finished reading Black as Night which I thoroughly enjoyed. I didn't realize there was an order to the books, so now I need to go back and read Shadow of the Bear.



Sarah said...

My 3 yo LOVES Angel in the Waters! When I was pregnant (and she was only 2...ah, the days pass so quickly), and especially late in my pregnancy, she would leaf through it over and over and talk about the baby in Mommy's tummy and then point to my tummy and we'd talk about where baby's head was. It was incredible. She was too young for the storyline then, but maybe, if/when there is another pregnancy, we'll add that to the enchanting experience with that book. And there doesn't have to be a pregnancy for it to be a wonderful bonding book. I just love it!

And now, thanks to your recommendation, I'm going to have to devour her other books. I have nieces the right ages (or almost the right ages) for those... :) Thanks for the recommendation!

Connie's Daughter said...

I loved Shadow of the Bear! Thanks for reminding me to get the sequel.

I think I'm going to search our library as well, and if they don't have the Doman books, request them.