Sunday, January 27, 2008

Recent Reading: The Mission of Motherhood: Touching Your Child's Heart for Eternity

Feeling burnout?
Are you exhausted?
Feeling used up?
Overworked and underpaid?
Underappreciated and overextended?

I was feeling it all. So I asked Atticus for this book for Christmas. It was the medicine I needed.

If you're suffering from any of the above symptoms, I'm prescribing The Mission of Motherhood, by Sally Clarkson.

Take the entire book, and call me in the morning.

Then we'll talk, with renewed joy, about our vocations.


Joni said...

This has to be my all-time favorite book on mothering! Enjoy!

Found you by way of Marybeth's blog I think. I always enjoy your Ramona quotes!

Cmerie said...

How did you know? January has been a tough month for me. Just when I feel like I'm losing hope, one of my blog moms gives me a dose of it. I'm going out to get the book today!

Cheryl said...

I got The Mom Walk for Christmas. I've wondered about this one. Thanks for posting about it.