Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Ramona offers some observations

We were watching Tyler Florence make breakfast, and I was picking up a couple of tips to improve my pancakes (already much beloved by my children but maybe they'll be even fluffier when I first separate and whip the egg whites -- thanks, Tyler) and Ramona said, "Now, he's normal, unlike some people who always match their kitchens."


I was helping Ramona fluff up her pillows in order to elevate her head and help her sleep better (we're battling colds and coughs here) and I said, "How's that? Is your head high enough?"

She considered it for a moment, then seriously pronounced, "I would suggest one more pillow."


Despite her sometimes advanced articulation, Ramona cannot always tell a joke (she gets that from me.) Here's her latest:

"Where were French Fries first made? -- In France, where there are millions of them!"




Layla said...

As if I needed another reason to think Ramona is the most clever, wisest five year old in the universe...

I share in her skepticism re: Sandra Lee's sanity. Hers is the only program on Food Network that makes me turn the channel immediately.

You are certainly raising your girls well. :)

Beck said...

Jokes are over-rated ANYHOW!
I've never seen Sandra Lee - I don't think she's actually on the Canadian food network!

Liz said...

Not a fan of Sandra Lee either. Of course my son says she's preferable to Rachael Ray (I heartily disagree with him there)..., but why does Sandra Lee find it necessary to provide an alcoholic drink with every meal? Of course the semi-homemade generally puts me off, it reminds me too much of Pampered Chef recipes and my brief foray as a Pampered Chef consultant.

Jill said...

I love hearing the latest Ramona-isms. :)

Amy said...

Just add a little lemon juice or cider vinegar to your pancake batter to make them fluffy. Forget all that egg separating!

Karen E. said...

Thanks, Amy -- I should've asked you in the first place. :-)

In poor Sandra Lee's defense, I do have to say that I felt extremely sorry for her and understood her angle a whole lot better after seeing part of her Food Network "chefography" (I was really waiting for one on Alton, but they skipped him ... waaahhhh ....) She had a horrible childhood, and basically raised her siblings amidst some awful circumstances. I still don't care at all for the show, but I do have more sympathy for her!

Rebecca said...

Ramona continues to crack me up!

Liz said...

Hmm, that does put a whole different slant on things now doesn't it?? Thanks for the info on Sandra Lee. Now I understand why she so often has her sister's children on the program.